Australia Made Simple

Immigrating to Australia is a desire for many people around the world.   People come to Australia to work, study, travel and reunite with family. Australia’s immigration program is dedicated to offering pathways for people to live and work in Australia from short-term placements right through to permanent residency and eventual Australian citizenship.


We cover everything you need to know from the options available to you in Australia, which visa you will need, how to get your visa, finding a job or university, the best places to live in Australia and Serviced Accommodation, right through to the practicalities of setting up your banking,  finding a place to live and enrolling your children in a local Australian school.


We hope to welcome you soon to Australia.


Australia Made Simple has one goal: To make your Australian Dreams Come True.  To determine if you are eligible to move to Australia take our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT 


Hundreds of thousands of people move to Australia each year to live, work, study or extended travel (such as working holidays).  You could be eligible.