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The History & Evolution of Australia Made Simple

Established in 2014 as a subscription guide to assist those attempting to Emigrate to Australia without the use of a MARA Agent or Solicitor the founders quickly became aware the issues facing many applicants weren’t limited to questions around what visa they apply for and the immigration process itself.

“The procedure for completing an Expression of Interest in Skill Select for example, is actually relatively straightforward.” explains Alexander McManus, founding partner of Australia Made Simple.

“It seemed like the people we were interacting with were full of enthusiasm, excited by the prospect of moving to another country and making a very real difference to their lives. “It seemed like we had this huge wave of excitement that quickly turned to disillusionment after people started looking into the process in more detail.

During this time Australia Made Simple distributed a great volume of copies yet the level of interest received and the amount of people from all over the World searching for a firm that would put their needs first, a professional legal services migration firm that employed the best talent, that charged based on work completed rather than entire payment in advance and of course assisted with the whole application from start to finish.

The Core Principles of Australia Made Simple were born and Australia Made Simple launched as Migration Consultancy, with a clear vision to challenge the ‘old world’ bureaucracy and ‘closed shop’ practices of the Australian Immigration Industry.

Our Founding Principles

1.Free Consultations.
We will never charge for our unbiased and comprehensive consultations. Clients need all the facts in order to make the right life immigration life choices for themselves and loved ones. This includes providing full transparency around all hidden costs, third party fees and time-frames.

2. Clear & Comprehensive Terms and Conditions
We don’t hide anything in the small print. Every eligible client will be send a Client Engagement letter for their review and signature before engagement.

3. Honest Pricing
Our fees are spread over four key stage milestones with each payment only becoming due after successful completion of each stage.

4. Full Cancellation Rights: At Any Time
The best laid plans can sometimes change and we’re here to support you through any of the ups and downs of life that have a nasty habit of coming between you and moving to Australia. We empower our clients and believe in full cancellation rights. You can cancel your agreement at any time during the process after any stage completion milestone. As you would expect we do not refund for work we’ve already done yet neither will we hold you accountable for the remaining stages of the application.

5. Refund in the Event Your Visa Is Refused

Providing the information you supplied to us is honest, accurate and genuine, we guarantee that should your Australia Visa application fails due to an errors or omission on our part we’ll refund in full any fee service paid to us. Rest assured though – our success rate is 99%+ for all lodged applications.

6. Full Service Product
We assist with everything to do with your application. We take responsibility for your Skills Assessment and work closely with you to ensure the Skills Assessment is 100% decision ready – helping with things such as University Transcripts, References and Professional or Trade Recognition in Australia.

We look forward to helping you through this extraordinary journey to a New Life Down Under

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