Australian Embassy in Italy

Australian Embassy in Italy

The Australian Embassy, Italy is a provision of the Australian Government.  The Australian Embassy, Italy provides the full range of Embassy and consular services involving Australian Passports, Australian Visas, Certification of Documentations and providing information on doing business with Australia.

Key Points Summary

  1. There is an Australian embassy in Italy
  2. You will need to make an appointment to attend by calling or emailing
  3. Phone: +39 06 852 720 ,   Email:
  4. This embassy offers, Australian Visas, passport renewals, document certification and citizenship services.

Contact the Australian Embassy in Italy

Address and Contact Details for the Australian Embassy in Italy

Australian Embassy, Italy Address


  • Australian Embassy in Italy


  • Address: Via Antonio Bosio, 5, 00161 Rome, Italy


  • Phone: +39 06 852 720


  • Website:


  • Email:

Australian Embassy in Italy Opening Hours

The Australian Embassy in Italy Office opening hours are:



Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm



Important Note: Please contact the Australian Embassy in Italy in advance of any visit.


The Australian Embassy in Italy follows a mixture of Australian Public Holidays and Local National Holidays and these dates are subject to change on a regular basis.


The Australian Embassy in Italy requests that you contact them on Phone: +39 06 852 720 or Email: so they may be better prepared to assist you upon your arrival.

Australian Embassy in Italy Assistance

The Australian Embassy in Italy is available for services to Australian Citizens and foreigners alike. The Australian Embassy in Italy provides consular services to Australian Citizens and all other consular services to non-Australians, including working on a selection of Australian Visas such as:







  • Family and Spouse or Marriage Visas for Australia


  • Investor Visas, Australian Citizenship by Investment



  • Working Holiday Visas for Australia



  • Information on Seeking Asylum in Australia and Refugee Visas



  • Australian Passport Applications and Renewals


  • Certification of Documents


  • Australian Consular Assistance


  • Australian Citizenship Services



The Australian Embassy, Italy is one of the busiest Australian embassies outside of Australia. It is available for consular emergencies for Australian Citizens as well as day-to-day consular activities for everyone else.

Location Map of the Australian Embassy, Italy

Make an Appointment with the Australian Embassy of Italy

If you need to make an appointment with the Australian Embassy in Italy, this can be done by contacting the embassy on :  Phone: Phone: +39 06 852 720.


You may need to make an appointment for services such as:


  • Australian Passport and Visa interviews


  • Notarization of Documentation


  • Witnessing AustralianDocuments


  • Citizenship interviews for children born overseas



The Australian Embassy in Italy has certain times available for appointments and these vary month to month. Don’t simply show up in Italy without an appointment as you may find you will need to come back another day for a set appointment.

Australian Embassy in Italy Services Offered

The Australian Embassy in Italy, provides a range of Embassy and Consular services to Australians and international citizens needing help and assistance such as:


  • General or specific information regarding the Australian economy, culture, sports and education.


  • Immigrating to Australia


  • Australian Citizenship Information.  Including the documentation requirements, the process and the timeframe for obtaining Citizenship.


  • Specific contacts and information on Australia – such as contacts for doing business in Australian or Government departments to help you with your specific requirements.


  • The Embassy takes applications and processes visa applications


  • Australian Passports

Visas and Passports for Australia

Visas and Passports via Australian Embassy, Italy

Australian Visas

There are many different kinds of visas for Australia.  Each type of visa is for different circumstances and each type of visa requires different documentation. 


There are visitor visas, business visas, partner visas, temporary visas, permanent residency visas, study visas and more.


Australian Visas can take time to obtain.  The Australian Visa timeframes can be from a few days for simple visas to many months for more complex visas.


Passports for Australian Citizens in Italy

Passports can be applied for or renewed at the Embassy.  The process can take a few weeks, so please don’t leave your passport application or renewal to the last minute.


Contact us to ensure you have the full set of documentation required for your passport appointment.  You are going to need ID documents and supporting paperwork as well as the passport application and fee.


Contacting us prior to your visit to the Australian Embassy in Italy will have you avoid any disappointment of needing to make multiple visits for your passport application or renewal.

You can find all other Australian Embassies and Consulates on our Australian Embassies and Consulates list.

Australian Embassy, Italy

Australian Embassy, Italy

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