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Job requirements related to skills

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Hey there,

After a really long visa process, we finally got our 190 Permanent Residency visas last April, and we're planning to go to Australia in a couple of weeks to activate them.

Since it took 2.5 years from when we submitted our application to when it was approved, and a total of 4 years from the time we started the whole process, we kind of lost interest in moving and just kept living our lives in the UK. As part of that, I quit my job (which was the skill I used for the visa) and started my own business in a totally different industry. We're still leaning towards staying in the UK, but recently we've been thinking more about moving to Australia (especially with the terrible weather we've been having here), and we think we'll be even more tempted to move when we visit.

What I'm wondering is - do I have to get a job that's related to the skill I used to get the visa? Is there any sort of requirement like that (like do they check or anything)? It could be a legal requirement or just a moral one. I don't really want to go back to working in my old industry at this point.

Thanks, Jax

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I believe if you have a 190 visa, you don't have to work in the job you put on your application.