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Post Study Work Visa (485)

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I appreciate you taking the time to read my query and offer assistance. 🙂

My current Student Visa is set to expire on July of this year, and I've encountered some difficulties while completing the application form. In the section where I'm required to submit documents, the form is requesting a police check from my home country (India) in addition to an Australian police check. I have already successfully obtained the Australian police check, but I do not have any information regarding a police check from my home country. When I applied for my previous Student Visa (subclass 500), I was not asked to provide a home country police check. Moreover, a friend of mine who completed his Visa (subclass 485) six months ago was also not required to submit any home country police verification documents or check information. I am not aware of any recent changes to the application forms by the Australian Immigration authorities, and this particular document is the only obstacle I'm facing, as everything else is in order. I am lodging this application myself, and despite seeking assistance from IDP Australia's team and the Australian Immigration helpline, I have not received any useful guidance. Other agents I contacted were charging over $100 for on-call inquiry help. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide in resolving this query.

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If the application specifically requires you to submit a police check from your home country, it is advisable to provide one to avoid any further delays in processing your application. You will need to apply for the police check through the appropriate channels in your home country.