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    Australia Made Simple

    Australia Made Simple currently serves Europe, Africa and Asia. We have recently moved Jurisdiction to Switzerland in line with our 2020 vision of aligning ourselves with an International client base and our Second Citizenship Programs.

    Service Address

    13 Freeland Park
    BH16 6FA

    EU Address
    Badenerstrasse 566
    8049 Zürich

    Note: please do not send personal or service documentation to these addresses as it will not be accepted.

    As concerns around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) grow globally, the health and safety of our staff and community are the top priority for us.

    We have moved to a 100% remote working set up until further notice.There will be no impact on our products, services. It is business as usual and our full team is here to help you.

    Account Manager: Available on email

    Please note, telephone calls are not available during this time.