Partner Visas

Partner Visa Australia

The Australian Partner Visa Classes are available to married couples and those in long term relationships with an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Australia Made Simple specialiszes in the two main Partner Visas

Sub Class 309 / 100 Partner Visa Australia

The Australian Partner Visa subclass 309 / 100 is open to married and de-facto couples (including same-sex) in relationships with Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents.

How do I apply for an Australian Partner Visa with Australia Made Simple?

To successfully apply for an Australian Partner Visa, you must have sponsorship provided for you by your partner

You must be married or in a defacto relationship with the sponsor and be over 18 years of age

Australia Made Simple will work with you to provide all the required evidence that you have been in a genuine and committed relationship for at least 12 months

You must Be living with your partner or have exceptional circumstances for living apart. Australia Made Simple will assist you in evidencing this key element.

You must meet the health and character requirements as laid down by Australia

Will I receive a Permanent or Two Year Visa?

If you’ve been in a relationship three years or over there is an increasing likelihood, you’ll be granted a permanent visa. If not, you may be granted a temporary two year with which can be upgraded to a permanent visa, providing you’re still in a relationship.

Sub Class 300 Prospective Marriage Visa

This Australia Visa is intended for an applicant to come to Australia, marry their spouse and live together as a married couple. In addition to the above requirements for the partner visa class you will be expected to marry in Australia within nine months of being granted the Prospective Marriage Visa.

You can work in Australia from the moment you land and then convert the visa to a full partner visa class after you are married.

Same sex couples are not eligible for this visa

Moving to Australia with your partner can be a complex task. The experts at Australia Made Simple are standing by to assist you make your Partner Visa Australia come true.