Gumtree Parkes for New Immigrants to Australia

Using Gumtree in Parkes

Using Gumtree in Parkes

Gumtree Parkes

If you live in or are soon to live in Parkes, chances are you will be using the Gumtree Classifieds for all manner of things, from finding a job to buying furniture, a car, a pet or even becoming a Gumtree Seller yourself.


This free-to-use buy and sell site is popular with new immigrants to Australia who are looking for all types of items such as home furnishings, motor vehicles and services.

What is Gumtree?

Even though Gumtree has been around a good while now, many Australians and new arrivals to Parkes have not yet used Gumtree.  Gumtree is an online classifieds listing service, basically anything you want to buy or sell around the Parkes region, you can often get on Gumtree for a cheaper price.



With Gumtree Australia you are buying directly from mostly private sellers.  People are selling things they don’t need anymore and in some cases giving things away for free.  You will be in negotiations with the actual seller when you are buying through Gumtree and that is part of the bargain-hunting fun.



If you live in Parkes New South Wales, Gumtree will become part of how you buy things, especially as a new immigrant to Australia.

What can I buy on Gumtree Parkes?

You can buy almost anything on Gumtree.  Parkes has a thriving Gumtree marketplace.  There are thousands of items for sale and with a fast turnaround time on sales on Gumtree, new items are always being added.  People love being able to sell their items fast.



Here are a few of the items you can buy In the Parkes region on Gumtree:



Cars, Trucks, Farm Machinery, Household Furniture, Sofas, Dining Tables, Wardrobes, Sports Equipment, Bikes, Building Materials, Excess Stock, Clothes, Bags, School Uniforms, Kitchen Equipment, Businesses and you can even find your next job as employment vacancies in the local Parkes area are often posted on Gumtree Parkes as well.

Gumtree Parkes

Gumtree Parkes

How do I buy something on Gumtree in Parkes?

To buy something on Gumtree Parkes, you simply search for something you want to buy on the Gumtree website and then contact the seller right there and then.  Sellers have their messaging information or contact information to help you get in contact and get the deal done.  It can all happen very quickly and you could be picking up your latest bargain that day.



Remember you are dealing with individuals, so cash can be exchanged or direct payment methods.  Be financially sensible and only exchange payment at the point of collecting the item as once you send the money you have no way of getting it back if you do not receive the product as you are not conducting your transaction through the website directly.  So Buyer beware.

How do I sell something on Gumtree in Parkes?

To become a seller on Gumtree Parkes, it is a simple process of visiting the Gumtree website and creating an account.  You are then able to list your item for sale!  It is that easy.  You can add details of what you are selling, add photos, a category and determine a price you are willing to sell for.



Your Gumtree advertisement then goes live and can be seen and searched by everyone looking to buy your particular type of item.  Even people looking to buy who are outside Parkes region can see your items for sale so the reach of your Gumtree ad is well beyond the Parkes local area.

How popular is Gumtree in Parkes, NSW?

Gumtree has become the most popular place to buy and sell your second-hand items in Parkes.  However, it has expanded well beyond that to be the most used classifieds in the Parkes region for all goods and services.



If it is something that is bought or sold, chances are it is on Gumtree.

Your Gum Tree Login

When you first create your Gum tree account you will create your log in and password.



Keep these safe so you can log in and out to monitor or edit your items for sale or to sell more items in the future.  However, as we all know, sometimes we lose or forget our passwords.

What to do if you forgot your Gumtree Login or Gum tree account password?

To retrieve your password or log in, just go to the Sign In window on the Gumtree Australia website and you will see a small link under the window that says “forgot your password?”, just click that and it will take you through the process of resetting your login and or password.



Gumtree is very popular in Australia and hundreds of thousands of Australians use the site regularly to sell things, so the system of passwords and login retrieval has been well systematized and works very smoothly.

What kind of savings can I expect when buying something off Gumtree compared to buying it new?

This is really hard to answer as it comes down to the item you are buying and the deal you can negotiate.  It is always smart to check online to see what the item you are interested in is selling for new and go from there.



Check sites like eBay as well, the Australian site for eBay is here.  You want to avoid the situation where you buy something for the same or even more than the new price.  This is not common but worth the 1 minute to check the item’s new price online.




After that it is up to you and the seller and what you can agree to.  Buying and selling on Gumtree Australia can become somewhat addictive :).



Grabbing a bargain in Parkes or turning your unwanted items into cash is a great hobby so enjoy the sales process.

How to tell if you are getting a good deal or not on Gumtree Parkes?

The main thing to do is compare the price of what you are looking to buy against what it costs elsewhere.



Start with Amazon.  Search Amazon and see if the item is for sale.  It only takes 1 minute to know if you have a great deal in the making or not.  Then take a look at ebay and Kmart Parkes online to give a good range of the new and second-hand prices for the item you are interested in.



Armed with this knowledge you know what kind of deal you will be happy with.



Many times people have felt they have overpaid for an item because they didn’t do the most basic of research.  It really only takes a minute and can save you both time and money in your Gumtree adventures.

Do people really offer items for Free or Giveaway on Gumtree in Parkes?

 Yes!  People really do offer Freebies, Giveaways and items that are Free if you come and collect them.  Many bargains have been found this way on Gumtree Parkes!  So keep a lookout.


All kinds of things can be yours this way.  Remember one person’s trash is another’s treasure!

Why would someone in Parkes offer items as Freebies on Gumtree?

There are many reasons people are willing to let their items go for Free or to Give them away.  Don’t for a minute think it is only because the item is in such poor condition that they can’t sell it – this is often not the case.



Some situation for people to offer free items on Parkes Gumtree



  • They have a perfectly good item but have purchased a new one and need the old one gone. (we have seen this happen with Couches, Sofas, Fridges, outdoor settings and much more)


  • They don’t have time to sell it – they just want someone to collect it and it be gone


  • They might be moving house and it does not fit in the new house


  • They are very busy and time-poor – they just don’t have the time to be meeting with people and haggle over an item


  • The item might be of low value so they are happy to just give it away


  • It might be an item that could help a certain type of person trying to set up house or such and the seller feels good about offering it for free.


  • People who strongly believe in recycling will often prefer to give items away rather than dispose of them if they are no longer needed


  • Building projects often have small amounts of building materials offered for free – it saves the builders having to organise for it to be cleaned off-site. This can be a great way to get materials for your around-the-house DIY projects.

Looking for cars for sale on Gumtree in Parkes, NSW

Buying a car on Gumtree has become a very common thing to do.  As with buying any second-hand car do make sure you can check and fully understand the condition of the vehicle you are looking to buy.



If possible have the car checked by a mechanic before you purchase the car.  Buying cars through Gumtree Parkes does have its risks.



If there are things wrong with the car after you buy it you can’t get a refund so do be extra diligent when looking for your next car on Gumtree.

Gumtree Jobs Parkes

Jobs have become one of the main items searched for on Gumtree Parkes.



The great things about looking for your next job on Gumtree Parkes are :



  • The jobs are almost always local so looking for jobs on Gumtree Parkes can mean finding more jobs available right on your doorstep.


  • Speed. Jobs are usually filled fast when advertised in Parkes on Gumtree.  This is because you are more likely to be dealing with the owner of the business offering the vacant position or the decision maker.  So don’t wait around, get in contact immediately with the contact for the job and make your application.  It is the same as when you see a great item for sale on Gumtree – it can go fast.  Don’t miss out on a job because you left it to late.


  • Jobs advertised on Gumtree Parkes can go quickly and favour the prepared.  So have everything ready so you can act when you see the job you want.  Have a document with your resume and contact details at hand so you can send them through immediately.



You will find all kind of jobs advertised, so do include Gumtree in your job hunting in Parkes.  There are many opportunities on the site.

Are you searching for a job in Parkes on Gumtree Australia?

If you are, all the very best with your job hunting.  You could also try searching here for jobs in cities all over Australia including Parkes New South Wales.

What if I want to buy something that is being sold by a Gumtree seller a long way from Parkes?

If you need to travel to Parkes to inspect or collect your Gumtree purchases here is some more information on Parkes.





If you need to book accommodation for your trip – the best accommodation deals in Parkes can be found on



The Full List of Categories available on Gumtree Parkes

Accessories Labourer
Account & Relationship Management Ladders & Scaffolding
Account Manager Land For Sale
Accounting Landscaping & Gardening
Accounts Officer/Clerk Language Learning & Tutoring
Accounts Payable Language Swap
Accounts Receivable/Credit Control Laptops
Activities & Hobbies Lawn Mowers
Admin Learning & Tutoring
Administration & Office Support Legal
Administrative Assistant Legal Secretary
Advertising, Arts & Media Lenses
Aged & Disability Support Lighting
Agronomy & Farm Services Lingerie & Intimates
Air Conditioning & Heating Livestock
Air Conditioning & Heating Locksmith
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Lost & Found
Alternative Therapies Lost & Found
Analysis & Reporting Lounging & Relaxing Furniture
Android Phones Machine & Plant Operator
Android Tablets Machine Operators
Antiques Magazines
Antiques, Art & Collectables Maintenance
Appliances Maintenance & Handyman
Architecture Management
Armchairs Manchester & Textiles
Art Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics
Art Director Marketing & Communications
Assembly & Process Work Marketing Assistants
Audio Marketing Communications
Audio, GPS & Car Alarms Marketing Manager
Auto Body parts Massages
Automotive Maternity Clothing
Automotive Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Automotive Trades Mechanics & Garages
Baby & Children Media Planning, Strategy & Buying
Baby Carriers Men’s Bicycles
Baby Clothing Men’s Clothing
Bags Men’s Jewellery
Bakers & Pastry Chefs Men’s Shoes
Bands, Entertainers & Staff Hire Merchandiser
Banking – Retail/Branch Microwaves
Banking & Financial Services Mining – Engineering & Maintenance
Bar & Beverage Staff Mining – Operations
Baths Mining, Resources & Energy
BBQ Mirrors
Beauty Treatments Missed Connections
Beds Modems & Routers
Bedside Tables Monitors
Bicycle Parts and Accessories Monitors
Bicycles Mortgage Broker
Birds Motorboats & Powerboats
Blenders, Juicers & Food processors Motorcycle & Scooter Accessories
Board Games Motorcycle & Scooter Parts
Boat Accessories & Parts Motorcycles
Boats & Jet Skis Motorcycles & Scooters
Bookcases & Shelves Music Tutoring
Bookkeeping & Small Practice Accounting Musical Instruments
Books Musicians & Artists
Books, Music & Games Nanny & Babysitter
Boxing & Martial Arts New Business Development
Brakes & Suspension Non Digital Cameras
Bricklaying Nonfiction Books
Buffets & Side Tables Nursing
Building & Construction Office Chairs
Building Materials Office Space & Commercial
Building Services Engineering Oil & Gas – Engineering & Maintenance
Building Trades Oil & Gas – Operations
Bus, Train & Plane Oil, Coolant & Liquids
Business For Sale Online Marketing
Business Services & Corporate Advisory Outdoor Dining Furniture
Butcher Outdoor Lighting
Cabinets Ovens
Call Centre & Customer Service PA, EA & Secretary
Cameras Paint & Body Repair
Camper Trailers Painter & Sign Writer
Campervans & Motorhomes Painting & Decorating
Camping & Hiking Pants & Jeans
Car Seats Pants & Jeans
Caravan & Campervan Accessories Paralegal & Law Clerk
Caravans Parasols & Gazebos
Caravans & Campervans Parking & Storage
Carpentry Parts & Accessories
Carpentry & Cabinet Making Party Hire
Cars & Vehicles Payroll Accounting
Cars, Trailers & Excavators Hire Percussion & Drums
Cars, Vans & Utes Performing Arts
Catering Personal Trainer
Cats & Kittens Personal Training
CDs & DVDs Pest Control
Ceiling Lights Pet Products
Chef & Cook Pet Services
Child Welfare, Youth & Family Services Pets
Childcare & After School Care Pharmacy
Childcare & Nanny Phone Accessories
Children’s Books Phones
Civil/Structural Engineering Photography & Video
Classes Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation
Cleaner & Housekeeper Picture Frames
Cleaning Plants
Clocks Plastering & Tiling
Clothing & Jewellery Playpens
Coaching & Instruction Playstation
Coffee Machines Plumber
Coffee Tables Plumbing
Collectables Police & Corrections Officer
Comic Books Pool
Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt Pots & Garden Beds
Community Pots & Pans
Community Services & Development Power Tools
Components Prams & Strollers
Computer & Phone Repairs Printers & Scanners
Computer Accessories Printing & Publishing Services
Computer Speakers Production, Planning & Scheduling
Computer, Telecom & Freelance Professional Tutoring
Computers & Software Project Management
Concerts Property for Rent
Concreting & Paving Property For Sale
Console Accessories Property Law
Construction Public Relations & Corporate Affairs
Construction Equipment Purchasing, Procurement & Inventory
Construction Vehicles Quads, Karts & Other
Construction Vehicles & Equipment Rabbits
Consulting & Generalist HR Racquet Sports
Contract Management Radios & Receivers
Cooking Accessories Real Estate
Cooktops & Rangehoods Real Estate
Corporate & Commercial Law Real Estate & Property
Cots & Bedding Receptionist
Courier, Driver, Postal Service Recruitment – Agency
Courses & Training Recruitment – Internal
Curtains & Blinds Recruitment & HR
Customer Service – Call Centre Relationship & Account Management
Customer Service – Customer Facing Removalist
Cutlery Removals & Storage
Dance Partners Reptiles & Amphibians
Decorative Accessories Residential Leasing & Property Management
Defence Residential Sales
Dental & Dentist Retail
Design & Architecture Retail Assistant
Desks Retail Management
Desktops Rideshare & Travel Partners
Developer/Programmer Road Transport
Digital & Search Marketing Rock Climbing
Digital Camera Accessories Roofing
Digital Compact Cameras Roomshare
Digital SLR Rubbish Removal & Skip Hiring
Dining Chairs Rugs & Carpets
Dining Tables Safety
Dinnerware Safety Gates
Dishwashers Sail Boats
DJ Gear & Lighting Sales
Dogs & Puppies Sales – Call Centre
Dress Making & Alterations Sales – Customer Facing
Dressers & Drawers Sales Coordinator
Dresses & Skirts Sales Management
DVD Players Sales Representative/Consultant
Education & Teaching Scaffolding
Electrical Scooters
Electrician Security Services
Electronics & Computer Services For Hire
Employment Services Sewing Machines
Engine, Engine Parts & Transmission Sheds & Storage
Engineering Short Term
Entertainment & TV Units Shorts
Event Management Sitting
Events Skateboards & Rollerblades
Facilities Management & Body Corporate Small Appliances
Farm Management Snow Sports
Farming & Veterinary Socks & Underwear
Farming Equipment Sofas
Farming Vehicles Software
Farming Vehicles & Equipment Speakers
Feeding Sport
Fencing & Gates Sport & Fitness
Fiction Books Sports & Recreation
Financial Accounting & Reporting Sports Bags
Financial Manager & Controller Sports Management
Financial Planning Sports Partners
Fish Stereo Systems
Fishing Stools & Bar stools
Fitter, Turner & Machinist Suits & Blazers
Flatshare & Houseshare Surfing
Floor Lamps Swimwear
Flooring Swimwear
Florist Systems/Business Analyst
Foreman/Supervisor T-Shirts
Formal Table & Desk Lamps
Freight/Cargo Forwarding Tablet Accessories
Fridges & Freezers Tablets & eBooks
Front Office & Guest Services Tailor & Dressmaker
Funds Management Tax, Insurance & Financial
Furniture Taxation
Furniture & Appliances Hire Taxi, Chauffeur & Airport Transfer
Garage Sale Teaching
Garden Technician
Garden Tools Textbooks
Gardening & Landscaping Theatre/Film
General Practitioner (GP) Tickets
Generalist Tinnies & Dinghies
Golf Tool Storage & Benches
GoPro & Action Cameras Tools & DIY
Government Tools & Equipment Hire
Government & Defence Tops
Graphic & Web Design Tops & Blouses
Graphic Design Tour Guide
Graphic Novels Toys – Indoor
Grooming Toys – Outdoor
Guitars & Amps Trade Marketing
Gym & Fitness Trades & Services
Hair & Beauty Services Trailers
Hairdressing Training
Hand Tools Training & Development
Handyman Travel Agent/Consultant
Hard Drives & USB Sticks Travel Guides
Headphones & Earphones Truck Parts
Health, Fitness & Beauty Trucks
Healthcare & Nursing Trucks
Healthcare Administration Tutoring
Hiring TV & DVD players
Home & Garden TV Accessories
Home Decor TVs
Home Phones Unisex Jewellery
Home Theatre Systems Vacuum Cleaners
Horses & Ponies Vases & Bowls
Horticulture Venues
Hospitality & Tourism Vet & Animal Welfare
HSC, University & School Tutoring Video Camera Accessories
Information & Communication Technology Video Cameras
Instrument Accessories Video Games
Interaction & Web Design Video Games & Consoles
Interior Design Waiting Staff
iPads Wardrobes
iPhone Warehousing, Storage & Distribution
iPods & MP3 Players Washing Machines & Dryers
IT Support & Help Desk Watches
Jackets & Coats Web Development
Jackets & Coats Web Development & Production
Jet Skis Wedding
Jewellery Weddings & Parties
Jobs Welder & Boilermaker
Jumpers, Hoodies and Cardigans Wheels, Tyres & Rims
Kayaks & Paddle Wii
Keyboards & Pianos Women’s Bicycles
Kid’s Bicycles Women’s Clothing
Kids Clothing Women’s Jewellery
Kindle & eBooks Women’s Shoes
Kitchen & Dining Woodwind & Brass
Kitchen & Sandwich Hand Workplace Training & Assessment
Writing & Journalist

If you would like to know more about using Gumtree to set up your home cheaply in Australia when you arrive you can find our Guides to using Gumtree all over Australia on our National Gumtree Guides Index page.


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