Teaching Australia

Secondary School Teachers Are In Demand in Australia

As the population of Australia grows, so does the demand for school places.

Being a teacher in Australia is a highly respected profession and teachers work within a top tier education system.

Australia is in critical need of secondary school teachers, so whether you have recently qualified as a secondary school teacher, or you have many years of experience, you could well be eligible to emigrate and start a new life in Australia.

Am I Qualified to Emigrate to Australia as a Secondary School Teacher?

In order to move to Australia as a secondary teacher you will need to be able to prove that you possess the appropriate training, qualifications and experience. Typically, you will need either a specialist four-year teaching degree or an undergraduate degree with a postgraduate teaching qualification.

To have your skills as a secondary school teacher assessed you will need to evidence your skills and professional history to the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership. In turn, they will respond with either a positive or negative assessment outcome after assessing whether they believe your skills and experience are equivalent to those of a similarly qualified Australian Teacher.

Am I Able to Get Help From Australia Made Simple?

If you are looking to apply for a Skilled Migration visa for Australia as a Secondary School Teacher then the dedicated Teaching Australia team at Australia Made Simple can help.

With years of collective experience we know the process inside out and our experts can work with you throughout whole process, assuming responsibility for your successful application right from the start.

So, what are you waiting for? To find out how we can help take our Teaching Australia Visa Assessment Today.