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Medicare is Australia’s healthcare system. It is government-run and its coverage is nationwide, so it applies to all states.

Medicare allows people to enjoy a multitude of healthcare-related services and this coverage can also be enjoyed by their loved-ones. These services include, if not limited to, free or government-subsidised treatments by medical professionals, and in some cases, it even includes prescribed medicines. The Australian healthcare system is available to Australian citizens and all permanent visa holders.

Before you can enjoy the benefits of Medicare, you need to register and submit paperwork. Visit the Medicare office within 7 to 10 days from the date you arrived in Australia, equipped with your passport and all your travel documents.

If you need more information about claiming works and billing, you can visit their website at


Alternatives to Medicare
Another alternative to Medicare is private healthcare. Depending on your visa, you might be required to get private health insurance instead. A lot of Australians prefer to have private healthcare since there is an additional 1% on those who are categorised as high income earners without it.

There are a lot of health insurance options in the market, and they all have a variety of coverage options–some of it are geared towards those are looking at living in Australia.

Try to visit iSelect or Bupa sites to know the different coverage options available. These sites are easy to follow and they also offer health insurances based on your budget and needs.

Another option is for you to go online and search for “Australian healthcare” or “Private Health Insurance Australia” to see other options that are not listed on the sites above.


Things to Bring to Australia
It is important to bring all your, and your family’s medical records when you move to Australia. For your children, please bring their immunisation records, since child care centres and schools will require this.