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Before you find a job in Australia, you have to make sure that you have the correct kind of visa that will allow you to get a job. Not all kinds of visas will allow you to work in Australia, and some of them have conditions attached.


Australian visa types

The two of the most common one are called skilled independent visa (subclass 189) and temporary work (skilled) visa (subclass 457):

  • The 189 visa – This visa type is for skilled workers who are not being sponsored by their prospective employers or family members, and they are not nominated by the state either.
  • The 457 visa – This visa type allows the skilled worker to work in Australia up to four years, in an occupation approved by the sponsor, provided that the employer/sponsor is an approved business.

If you need more information about the various visas and considerations, you may go to


Looking for jobs in Australia

If you want to search for current available jobs in Australia, you may want to keep an eye on Australia jobs sites. Some of the most popular job search aggregator sites are:

These sites give you an idea about the salary benchmark per occupation/career, and how the pay varies depending on the experience of the person.

For those who read the dailies, you can browse both national and local newspapers for jobs in Australia. Some of the popular newspapers in Australia are the Telegraph, Financial Review, and Sydney Morning Herald.


Tax file numbers and tax in Australia

All those who work in Australia are required to pay taxes so that government projects such as road works, schools and public hospitals can be maintained or built. The taxes that you will pay will depend on how much you’re earning. If you need more information about Australia taxes, you may visit

You will need a TFN or a Tax File Number if you are going to work in Australia. This number is unique and will be used to identify your tax records. If you need more information about TFN, please head to


Getting a job in Australia

Generally, you would apply for a job after seeing an advertisement of it, and you would need to provide your prospective employer your resume and a cover letter.

Job interviews are part of the jobs seeking process and may range from having a casual chit chat with the Hiring Employer, or a series of discussions with the people working in that company.



  • Do your research – You need to find out what the company does, any recent product launches that they had, their annual profit last year, etc.
  • Practice your answers – The Hiring Manager will definitely ask you some common questions being asked in an interviews such as why they should hire you, or your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that you practice your answers well.
  • Look the part – Make a good impression by dressing appropriately. After all, first impressions last.
  • Stay calm and breathe – Practice your interview in front of the mirror and take note of your breathing pattern and mannerisms. Make sure that you look and stay calm.
  • Ask questions – Prepare some questions about the job or the culture in the office as this shows your interest in the position.