Retire in Australia from Hong-Kong

Retire in Australia from Hong Kong

Retire in Australia from Hong Kong

Retire in Australia from Hong Kong

Without a doubt, Australia is a world-class destination for enjoying your retirement.  Retirees from all over the world hope to either retire or spend some of their retirement years basking in the Downunder sunshine.


To this end, Australia ran a wildly successful retirement visa program that proved popular with Hong Konger retirees……..and retirees from absolutely everywhere else as well.  Unfortunately, it was so successful that Australia was swamped with applications and fearing a drain on their infrastructure to support the number of retirees looking to move to Australia, they have since cancelled the Australian retirement visa program.


This cancellation has meant the path to reside in Australia during your retirement years has changed, but there are still a number of options for you to spend some of your retirement years in Australia.

Key Points Summary

1. Australia is one of the most popular and desirable international retirement destinations for citizens of Hong Kong

2. Australia has ceased their retirement visa program – retirement visas are no longer available

3. However, there are alternative ways to spend time in Australia as a retiree

4. Many retirees take study courses in Australia, which grant them and their families a visa to Australia during the Course.

5. There are also investment and business visas available.

Can I apply for a retirement visa for Australia?

The short answer is no.  Australia does not offer retirement visas anymore, so you can’t get a specific retirement visa as you can in lots of countries worldwide, but keep reading as there are other visa options for you.

Does this mean I can't live in Australia once I have retired?

Even though a specific retirement visa is not available for you to retire in Australia, there are other ways for you to reside in Australia.  The options available to you will vary with your specific personal circumstances.  To get feedback on your options to live in Australia once you have retired, fill in the free Australian visa assessment by clicking the button below.  We will then be able to give you advice related to your unique situation.

What are the alternative options to reitre in Australia from Hong Kong?

There are 4 options to explore for alternatives to a retirement visa for Australia.

  1. An Investor Visa
  2. A Student Visa
  3. A Tourist Visa
  4. A Family Sponsored Visa
An Investor Visa from Hong Kong

There are 3 business and investment visas available for people from Hong Kong.  These visas require you to make an investment in Australia to qualify for the visa.  What those investments can be and how much investment is required is different with each visa and your personal circumstances in terms of accompanying family members.


An investor visa is a great option if you qualify.  To find out the full requirements and benefits of the Australian Investor Visas for applicants from Hong Kong click this link  How to get an Australian Investor Visa as an applicant from Hong Kong.


A Student Visa for Hong Konger citizens

One of the most popular ways people are spending their retirement years in Australia from Hong Kong is by becoming a student again.  With a student visa to Australia, there is no upper age limit, so retirees can apply!  There are many courses to choose from so you are bound to find something to interest you.

You can study anything from University based degrees to year-long courses in languages, art, finance or anything at all from a registered institution.

On a Student visa, you can bring your partner and any dependent children with you.  You can even hold a part-time job if you wish, and your partner is free to work.  Once your course finishes – you can then enrol in another.

To find out all the details about studying in Australia from Hong Kong here.


A Tourist Visa

For some, a simple tourist visa is enough to enjoy some of Australia.  More people are enjoying a more nomadic style of retirement with a few months to a year in a location before moving on to experience another area.

Tourist visas are shorter-term but can be the ideal option for retirees wanting a shorter stay in Australia.  The Australian tourist visa is also easier and cheaper to obtain than other Australian visas making it more popular for people wanting to travel to Australia with minimal fuss.

You can find out all the details of applying for an Australian Tourist Visa from Hong Kong here.


Family-Sponsored Visa

This visa is only an option for those who have direct family already living in Australia with Australian Citizenship or permanent residency.  To find out if you this applies to you and if you are eligible please look at our guide to obtaining an Australian Family-Sponsored Visa from Hong Kong.


If you are wanting a more general summary of all the visa options available for Hong Konger Citizens, without being focussed on retirees, we have a guide to Moving to Australia from Hong Kong that will be of great help to you.

If you are looking to retire in Australia from a Country other than Hong Kong, find the guide for citizens retiring in Australia of your Country here.