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We’re delighted to receive such amazing praise and reviews from clients as we strive to make their New Life in Australia a reality for Migrating to Australia is one of the most stressful endeavors any individual or family can embark upon.

We are always humbled when a new client chooses to place their faith and trust in us and we go out of our way to deliver at all stages of our engagement.

We believe in a truly egalitarian approach to Migration: If you have the right skills, experience, expertise and drive to start a new life our commitment is to help you every single step of the way, which is why clients usually become friends at the end of the arduous process.

We’ve been invited to Weddings, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs and Citizenship Parties among other social engagements and it’s truly wonderful to see our efforts ‘come to life’ in our clients’ new adopted country.

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Australia Made Simple
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 40 reviews
Mar 11, 2020
by Thomas Robinson, Plasterer, London on Australia Made Simple
Off to Australia ! Can't wait

My visa just came through - thanks to Alex from Australia Made Simple.  I'll be in Australia after the summer.  I'm planning my farewell weekend with my mates already, maybe heading to Spain for a long weekend.  But most of them are already planning holidays to Australia now they will have somewhere to crash.  I'll now get started applying for Plastering jobs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and maybe Perth, those are the places I would most like to live, but I am not too fussy.  I've never even been to Australia and now I'm going to live there.  I'm so happy, though my parents might be a little jealous, they are wanting to look into how they can move over with me.  Alex can you do that for them?  I'll give them your number on the weekend when I see them for lunch.  I think they thought I wouldn't get in so they didn't really think about it all themselves, but now I'm going it's all very real.  Can't wait.  Thanks again Alex, it really was easy going through you.  Life changing for sure.  Cheers.

Hi Thomas, thanks for the comments, and yes give your parents my number and I'll go through the visas which might suit them. Would be great for them to head over with you or once you get settled. And certainly get a large sofa when you land in Australia, is sounds like you will be having a procession of friends out to visit you. Very happy for you.

Mar 1, 2020
by Jason P on Australia Made Simple
Great Free Assessement

Will definitely be using Australia Made Simple when its time to get my application started. Just had the best free consultation. Thanks again you cleared up lots of my questions and then some I didn't even know I needed to ask.

Feb 23, 2020
by Neil Bright - Electrician, from London now Brisbane on Australia Made Simple
Electrician just arrived in Australia

Electrician just arrived in Australia


Big Thank You to Alex at Australia Made Simple for getting my visa to Australia sorted.  I’m here now - starting my new life. I made the decision to move after I split up from my wife 2 years ago.  Was time to live life the way I wanted rather than for anyone else. I’ve already got a job lined up , starting next week and I’m getting going on my Australian Context to move from the provisional license to a full Australian license - that should be done in a couple of months in and around work.  That is the last piece of the puzzle. So far I’ve found Australians to be friendly and helpful. The weather has been great of course. Not sure where I might end up living long term, I really like the beach but also the countryside, would like a house on a few acres maybe. It’s all available to me, but for now I’m starting off in Brisbane.  Thanks again, now on with the new life.





Great news Neil, walked into a job already - well done.  Enjoy kicking off your new life in Australia and “window shopping” for where you might like to live within Australia long term.  Please keep us posted on your progress and good luck getting started next week with the new job.

Jan 16, 2020
by Gary Stevenson on Australia Made Simple
Thank you

Thank you to Australia Made Simple and Alexander in particular for all that you've done for my family. Highly recommended.


Oct 13, 2019
by Steve C on Australia Made Simple
Thanks for all your help

Big thank you to Alex Mac at Australia Made Simple for all his help, care and professionalism in managing our case. Highly Recommended 5*****

You're very welcome Steve, it's been a pleasure and we are all thrilled with the result.

Oct 12, 2019
by Gary Simms on Australia Made Simple
Great Help

Australia Made Simple was a Godsend in this process

Apr 18, 2019
by Sarah Jenkins, Ireland on Australia Made Simple
Best Australia Immigration Advice

Thank you Australia Made Simple and Alex in particular for answering all my questions and being very patient with me. I was very concerned because even though I know I am eligible to emigrate to Australia as a Nurse my husband has a disability which means he is unable to work due to his condition. I always knew deep down this was going to be a problem and many agents had told me not to worry that all would be fine but after speaking with Alex at length he explained the difficulties and complexities in the case. I am very grateful for his honesty because now we can look at other options.

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for taking the time to write your feedback. We pride ourselves in our transparency. Good luck for the future.

Oct 3, 2018
by Charles P on Australia Made Simple
Visa Granted

Hi just want to say a big thank you for sorting my TSS Visa through my sponsor Down Under. I never realised how tough it would be but thanks for being there with me every step of the way and I know 100% I couldn't have done it without you

Sep 16, 2018
by Melanie J on Australia Made Simple
Seminars in the UK

Do you have any seminars scheduled in the UK? I can't make Dubai as I'm in Singapore with work but would love to know when you're running some seminars in the UK. Thanks.

We're planning to run a full UK Seminar Schedule in 2019 alongside our International Schedule and will post details when we have them.

May 10, 2018
by Jenny Peters, Berkshire on Australia Made Simple
Wonderful Service, Thank You!

Amazing service thank you so much. Truly inspirational customer service, very impressed and will recommend.

Apr 17, 2018
by Mark Close - Electrician, from Leeds now Gold Coast on Australia Made Simple
Should have made the move to Australia long ago

Should have made the move to Australia long ago


9 1/2 years ago I looked into moving to Australia and I could have, I was a qualified Electrician already with the needed experience, but I didn’t do it.  Last year I looked into it again and actually decided to do it. I had Australia Made Simple handle it for me. They were great and got it done. Now I am here I just wish I had followed through all those years ago.  Better weather (though not hard to have better weather than Leeds really), better pay, brilliant lifestyle, plenty of work and would you believe the ladies like my accent here. Life is great. All I can say is if you are thinking of making the move, do it, as it really is that good over here.  



Thanks Mark, so many people regret not making the move sooner, but the main thing is you are there now, accent in full force !  Brilliant.

Apr 3, 2018
by Robert Bilson - Carpenter, Chelmsford on Australia Made Simple
Down Hill Run Now

Our Visa just came through.  Downhill run to Australia now.  Can’t wait. Off to celebrate this weekend with the family.  Then on to the start of the packing and selling things on ebay and planning where we are going to live and where the kids will be in school.  Been an easier process than I imagined, mostly because Alex from Australia Made Simple has handled it all for us. I don’t know why anyone would put themselves through doing the process alone.  I’m on to looking for jobs now, as a carpenter and working out which tools I’ll ship over there and which I’ll sell here and buy new there. 1st world problems and decisions! Brilliant result for us, Thanks Alex.


Thanks Robert, yes great news, always so exciting when the visa comes through approved.  It is all downhill now, enjoy celebrating and let us know anything we can do to help with your planning of the details of your move.  Amanda, our resettlement advisor can help with a lot of questions you may have.

Mar 16, 2018
by Tracey Smythe - nurse, from Birmingham now Brisbane on Australia Made Simple
11 of us 4 adults and 7 kids all now in Australia

11 of us!! 4 adults and 7 kids all now in Australia


I HUGE thank you to Alex from Australia Made Simple for the amazing work on getting my family and my brothers family all to Australia with permanent residency visas, all inside of 1 year start to finish !!!  I applied under nursing for my husband and our 3 kids, and my brother is an Electrician so he applied for his wife and their 4 kids! All 11 of us hahaha. An incredible amount of documents all just sent off to Alex who did EVERYTHING for us all.  I can’t image how we would have got it all done without him. The process was so smooth and we all had our visas “called forward” inside a year. We all moved into the same suburb in outer Brisbane on the water called Redland Bay. I’m working in a full time role already, my husband is working as a retail store manager, my brother is earning more as an electrician here and his wife is working part time as a bookkeeper.  


All the kids are in school, 4 in primary and 3 in high school, and we are looking to buy a home here really soon.  We are spending our weekends house hunting. I am so grateful to Alex for all he has done for our family and our future.  Everything went according to plan and life is great. Next step is to move my husbands niece out here, she has just graduated as a secondary school science teacher so she has some work experience to gather first - but as soon as she does we will be getting Alex on the case so she can join us.  


So thanks again, for handling such a big group of us so well.  You are part of our family history now and we are so very grateful.  If I could give you more stars I would :).



Thank you Tracey, yes your application was a big one !   It was an absolute pleasure working with you all, a lovely thing to see an entire family making a move together for a better life.  Was wonderful being involved. Good luck with the house hunting and looking forward to helping your niece when the time comes too.

Jan 24, 2018
by Marion Barclay  - Teacher, Southampton on Australia Made Simple
Very Professional in all respects

Very Professional in all respects


I have been dealing with Amanda at Australia Made Simple, my visa has just been approved.  She has been incredibly helpful and professional during the entire process. I do tend to get a bit nervous at times and Amanda has calmed my nerves a number of times and explained things again and everything has gone exactly as she said it would.  I am very happy and excited and a bit nervous about my move to Australia. A new life awaits me. I can recommend Australia Made Simple to any teachers looking to move to Australia.


Thanks Marion, the process of emigration is certainly an emotional process at times so you are not alone in getting butterflies during the process.   It is a major life event. Congratulations on your permanent residency visa and in the new life that awaits.

Jan 19, 2018
by Karen Walker - nurse, Liverpool on Australia Made Simple

I am so pleased with Amanda and Australia Made Simple.  Our application has progressed so smoothly while a friend who applied before us has hit hurdle after hurdle on hers.  Amanda handled all our documents and paperwork. It’s really been easy, however I’ve seen how much there is to be done behind the scenes through my friend who is doing the process herself.  Our visas are already approved and hers is still in preparation of expression of interest stage. She is considering just giving up because it is overwhelming. I’m so glad we chose to go with Australia Made Simple, however I might never have known how much goes in behind the scenes if my friend was not doing an application at the same time.  It’s been a wonderful experience and Amanda certainly knew everything that was needed for the application based on my nursing career. Very impressed.  


Thanks Karen, and yes there is so much that needs to be done in the immigration process.  It is very detailed and quite complex at certain points of the process. It is designed so that only the most keen applicants make their way through the process.  We try to make it as simple as possible for our client's by doing all the heavy lifting and detail of the process. I’m so glad you are happy with your outcome and off to Australia soon.

Dec 18, 2017
by Mary Wilson - nurse on Australia Made Simple
Got to Australia then had to come back home for a year - about to head back to Sydney soon.

Got to Australia then had to come back home for a year - about to head back to Sydney soon.


The GREAT thing about obtaining permanent residency in Australia through Australia Made Simple is that it is PERMANENT!  I had not fully realised the benefit in that. I got my visa 3 years ago and moved to Australia, found work as a nurse and loved it.  Then my mum got sick about a year ago. I left my job and came back to England to look after her. The good news is she has made a full recovery and is well again, and what’s more is that I can now simply get on a plane and head back to Australia as I am a permanent resident.  I can come and go as I please…..forever. I am so very glad I chose to go the permanent residency route and I plan to go for dual Australian Citizenship as soon as I qualify too. I’ll be heading back to Australia soon, thanks to Australia Made Simple for taking the time to explain the benefits of permanent residency to me at the start of the process as it turns out the benefits applied to me in this case.



That is wonderful news about your mother’s recovery Mary, and yes, the permanent residency offer is very helpful in all kinds of circumstances such as your own.  That realisation that it is permanent and you can come and go as you wish is an important element to consider when choosing a visa to apply for. Enjoy your trip back to Australia.

Dec 14, 2017
by Richard Webster - Electrician, Cambridge on Australia Made Simple
Thanks for fast tracking my visa application

Thanks for fast tracking my visa application


When I first spoke to Alex I was 2 months off my 44th birthday.  He explained that 45 is the cut off for the permanent residency visa for Electricians and all other trades too and that the Australian Government take the age at the time of acceptance of the visa which is at the end of the process and can take a year !  I was panicking and thought I had missed out on my chance to move to Australia and live. But Alex got us all into go mode.


Everything was fast tracked and he was on top of it all getting done and in within weeks.  He did everything. And we made it ! I got my visa 3 months before turning 45 and being cut off !  Just amazing. I would never have made it without him. Please pass on to Alex my thanks and don’t leave your own application so late like I did.  Still, a happy ending for us, and we are moving in about 6 months after we sell our house. We plan to move to Perth just as our daughter starts high school there.  We are all excited and are so glad we did not miss out.



Hi Richard, and thanks for the kind words.  It was certainly a rush to beat the deadline, but you were very cooperative with getting your documents in on time and treating everything with the urgency it needed.  Good luck with selling your house and with the move to Perth. Let us know how you are progressing in the lead up as we can help you setting up your bank accounts and such to make it as smooth as possible.  Thanks again for taking the time to comment here.

Dec 4, 2017
by Rachel O’Brian - Nurse, Tim O'Brian - Bricklayer, Manchester on Australia Made Simple
Double application for Australia

Double application for Australia


Amanda from Australia Made Simple did our permanent residency applications for us.  I’m a Nurse and my husband is a Bricklayer, so we both had to do our skills assessments and passed to get our accreditations for Australia.  We were accepted to Australia so fast - Amanda told us to expect to wait maybe 6-8 months - we were called in 3 after the application was submitted.  As it all happened so fast we are waiting for about 9 months before we head as we want to sell our house and have the kids finish the school year. We were so impressed.  Money well spent for a great service. Thanks Amanda.





Hi Rachel, Thanks for the kind words and good luck with the house sale.  Do let us know when it’s getting close to move time and we can help you with some of the details of getting settled, bank accounts, school application processes and such.  

Nov 22, 2017
by Bill Simon - Bricklayer, Leeds on Australia Made Simple



Great service, no hassles.


Thanks so much Bill

Oct 4, 2017
by David Byrne - Electrician, Dublin on Australia Made Simple
Australia is better than we imagined

Australia is better than we imagined


We have been here for 6 months now, and things are great.  I have started my own business and have been getting the core of my first work from real estate agencies needing work done on the rental houses they manage.  I’ve been doing all kinds of domestic Electrical work and am going to be joining up with a mate who is a plumber and about to arrive in Australia too and making a specialist service for real estates as they keep telling me they can’t get plumbers either.  Then we just need to find a Carpenter and we will be able to cover most of the needs of the real estate agencies I have been working with. I didn’t even have my own business back in Dublin, but here I am, a self- employed businessman at 27. My wife has been loving it here too, she is working as a beauty therapist assistant and doing her certificates and hopes to open her own salon too one day.  Best decision we ever made to move over here, thanks to Alex and Australia Made Simple for helping make it happen for us.


Brilliant news on the business front David.  Well done, I’m sure you will go from strength to strength, and pass on our wishes to Anna on her new job as well.  Please keep us posted and all the very best for the growth of your business.

Sep 26, 2017
by Bill Weston - Plumber, from York now in Sydney on Australia Made Simple
Good for visas for plumbers

I got my visa for permanent residency in Australia 2 years ago on the back of my plumbing trade.  Australia Made Simple were great and did everything for me. I would recommend them to any plumbers looking to move to Australia.  And to any plumbers looking to move to Australia I would say DO IT! A much better life all round over here.

Thanks Bill , great to hear from you, it’s been a while.  Wonderful to hear you are enjoying Australia and thanks for the recommendation.

Jul 7, 2017
by Melanie Twist - full time mother, wife of mental health nurse, Cardiff on Australia Made Simple
So Friendly and Helpful, moving to Australia with our 4 kids

So Friendly and Helpful, moving to Australia with our 4 kids


Amanda at Australia Made Simple was so very helpful, friendly and professional in handling our visas to Australia, she made it so easy for us, even while we were in an incredibly busy time in our lives.  We have 4 kids under 8 and I have been handling the process that we are making under my husband's position as a mental health nurse. We have been accepted to Australia and can’t wait to move. We truly believe it will be the best future for our growing family.  We could not have done it without Amanda. My parents will be helping us with our flights to move and they hope to follow in a couple of years. I will have Australia Made Simple handle their visas as well. Thanks again from our family, you will be in our hearts forever.  


Thanks Melanie, and I am so happy for you all.  I know it’s been a hectic time in your life and can see now moving to Australia can really set you up for the future you hope for.  You have been an absolute pleasure to work for.

Jun 14, 2017
by Richard Stewart - Electrician, from Croydon, now Melbourne on Australia Made Simple
I was considering doing my visa application myself - until I looked into the details of it all

I was considering doing my visa application myself - until I looked into the details of it all


I thought I would do my application for permanent residency to Australia myself, but after looking at it, I realised it could get quite hard.  I had a mix of working for myself and other people, and one of my old employers was no longer around. Was going to be a nightmare to sort that out and for a bit I thought that would rule me out of qualifying.  Alex at Australia Made Simple was great, handled everything. Best decision I made. It all went well and took 10 months from when I first started with Alex to when the visa came through. I’m now in Australia working as an electrician just outside Melbourne.  Pay is better, people are friendly, I’ve just bought by own house and generally getting ahead.


Thanks Richard, great news on the house purchase and thanks for the kind words.  Wonderful to hear all is going well in Australia.

Apr 8, 2017
by Ryan Timms - Carpenter, from London now Gold Coast on Australia Made Simple
So easy to get up and go to work of a morning in Australia

So easy to get up and go to work of a morning in Australia 


I’m a carpenter and been in Australia almost a year now.  I used to hate mornings back in London, leaving for work in the dark and cold, getting home in the dark and cold.  I can’t explain how much my life is different here. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and off to work. It’s warm, there is light, it’s pleasant.  After work I can do things. I’ve joined a football team and we play outside all year round and it’s warm! On weekends I have BBQ’s, I’ve been on hikes, to the beach, exploring the countryside near the gold coast where I am living now, and it’s always sunny and a great day.  You can’t believe how sunny the days are here, even in winter, beautiful days. So now I bounce out of bed and to work. It’s now my favourite time of the day.


Australia does not have enough trained carpenters, they are giving qualified carpenters these special visas to live in Australia permanently and work.  It’s amazing. I wish I knew about this sooner as I would have moved years ago.




Thanks Ryan, there certainly in plenty of Sun in Australia.  Great to see how much you are enjoying it. You are right that it is amazing what the benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia are…...and the lifestyle that goes with it.  Australia needs Carpenters and many other types of trades people. If you are a Carpenter give us a call, Australia needs you! Thanks again Ryan

Mar 18, 2017
by Sarah Knightley - nurse, London on Australia Made Simple
The best thing about Australia is …. The FOOD, second best thing is the men ;).

The best thing about Australia is …. The FOOD, second best thing is the men ;).   


I know everyone says the best thing about Australia is the weather - and it is great - but I think the best thing is the food !  Everything is so fresh, so much variety and so delicious. I have been so impressed. Just thought I would add that.

Just thought I would let people know how good the food is in Australia - it was something I wondered about before I came, as I had never been here before I arrived to live permanently.  (I think the second best thing is the men - SO good looking hahahah - cheeky but true, "Aussie" men are great)


I’m a nurse and been here for about 4 months now.  Amanda at Australia made simple handled my case and was amazing.  Everything went well. Not so much as a hiccup in the process. Really now living my dream life.



HAHAHA Sarah, thanks for your comments, I have to agree, the food is amazing in Australia…..and I’m sure the men of Australia are very grateful for the compliment too :).

Feb 11, 2017
by Tom Riles - Plasterer, Liverpool on Australia Made Simple
Just passed my skills assessment in Plastering

Just passed my skills assessment 


I’ve just passed my skills assessment for plastering.  Alex has handled everything for me, even working out how to handle me not getting a reference from my existing boss as I don’t want them to know I am applying to Australia and wont be around for too long.  He knew what to do and I didn’t have to ask for one. Now for the visa process. Can’t wait, been really impressed with Australia Made Simple.



Thanks Tom, next step is underway already.  You have been great to work with.

Nov 11, 2016
by Terrence Franks - Electrician, London on Australia Made Simple
Got our visas for Australia and the service was great

Got our visas for Australia and the service was great


We are now in Australia.  Alex knew everything for Electricians in the application process.  I worked for myself and in a job and he handled all the different paperwork needed for that situation.  I thought the price was quite cheap for all they did. Amanda from Australia Made Simple was a great help with our relocating questions, mostly about schools for our 2 sons.  Made everything easier for all of us. Would highly recommend Australia Made Simple for people wanting to move to Australia.




Thanks Terrence, it was an absolute pleasure working with you.

Aug 19, 2016
by Gregory Smith, Nurse, Cardiff on Australia Made Simple
Nurse in Perth

Nurse in Perth


I’m now in Perth, moved from Cardiff last year.  Amanda at Australia Made Simple handled my entire visa process.  All went without a hitch and here I am. Thanks Amanda - you said life in Perth would be great and it is.


Gregory Smith


Thanks Gregory, this is wonderful news.  I remember you saying you were planning on joining an AFL team when you got out there.  Have you started your Aussie Rules sporting career yet :)?

""HAHA you remember that !! and YES I have….but the season just started and it is a bit hard to time it with the shift work I’m on currently.  I’ll send you a photo when we get started. - Gregory""

Jul 11, 2016
by Ron Scott - Plumber, London now Sydney on Australia Made Simple
I was worried about finding work in Australia - I should not have been

I was worried about finding work in Australia - I should not have been


Australia Made Simple did my applications and I got my visa through plumbing about 18 months ago, got over here, I pushed hard looking for work and had 3 jobs to choose from within 8 weeks.  All full time. If you try hard you will get work, the whole reason they offer visas to tradespeople is because they don’t have enough of those trades to do all the work. Lot’s of trades work if you are keen and a good worker.  


Thanks Ron - that is a great description, yes that is exactly right , Australia only offers these very generous permanent residency visas because they are short of those particular trades, meaning that there is generally work available for them.

Jul 11, 2016
by David Stewart - Accountant, Oxford on Australia Made Simple
Great Service, Thank You

Great Service


Everything was efficient and went smoothly.  I was happy with the service and I thought the cost was low for the service provided for us.  Thank You


Thanks David, much appreciated

May 19, 2016
by Melissa Wilks - Nurse, London on Australia Made Simple
Great Service

Great Service

Thanks for making it all work so easily.  

You are most welcome Melissa, thank you.

May 4, 2016
by Brett Brown - Plumber, Glasgow on Australia Made Simple
Who knew I could get a visa to Australia because they need Plumbers over there?

Who knew I could get a visa to Australia because they need Plumbers over there?


I’m 26 and on my way to Australia next week.  HA! I’m off to Australia! And I’ve already got a job before I have even left, and the pay is about 20% more than I am even earning here.  I won’t be looking back, and won’t miss the freezing mornings here in Glasgow either. Alex from Australia Made Simple pretty much did all the application for me, was brilliant.  Anyway, I’m off, and will be sending a postcard from a beach somewhere. That is if people even send postcards anymore, maybe you will all have to make do with a selfie from a beach somewhere.

Go get ‘em Brett.  You are going to take Australia by storm.  You will love it and Australia will love you.  Do send us that selfie (or postcard if they are not yet extinct).

Apr 11, 2016
by Bill Franks - Bricklayer, Bristol on Australia Made Simple
Was all good

The whole process was all handled by the team at Australia Made Simple.  I hate paperwork and they helped me get around a few things I didn’t have like writing up affidavits for me when my previous employer was no longer a company, they had shut down and I needed the work references for the application.  They handled it all for me. I settled in quick here, am working in bricklaying just like back in Bristol and earning more here too. I only wish I had moved out here sooner.



The best thing is you are there now Bill, congratulations on the move and settling in well.  Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress in Australia, nothing makes us happier.

Mar 27, 2016
by Rose Pitcher - Teacher, from Belfast to Adelaide on Australia Made Simple
Grass is Greener in Australia

Really been the best decision I ever made to move to Australia.  The lifestyle is as good as they say and I have found the classroom environment better than where I was back in Belfast.  Since arriving I’ve got engaged to an Aussie, also a teacher and have moved from Sydney to Adelaide. Adelaide is beautiful.  Australia is beautiful and life is beautiful. Thanks for making it happen for me.


Congratulations on your engagement Rose !  That is wonderful news, thanks for letting us know.  Adelaide is a beautiful city indeed. Enjoy that greener grass and your Australian future.  Send us a wedding picture when the time comes, we would love that.

Mar 23, 2016
by Ayden Farrell - Electrician, Nottingham on Australia Made Simple
24 year old Electrician - moving to Australia by myself, visa now granted !!

So excited and glad I got on with applying to move to Australia.  I’m going to live on the Gold Coast, I love surfing and can’t wait to get there.  I thought I would have trouble being so young on my application but the guys at Australia Made Simple explained that with my NVQ3 and work experience I was what the Australian government was looking for as I can contribute to Australia in my trade for a longer time into my working life.  They were right, Australia wants me !! I’ve now got to sell my stuff here and get over there as soon as I can, the beach is waiting for me.


You have a really adventurous spirit Ayden that shines through and will surely keep you succeeding in your new life in Australia.  The waves of the Gold Coast wont know what hit them :). Enjoy.

Jan 11, 2016
by Brian Robinson - Plasterer, From Manchester now in Sydney on Australia Made Simple
Another plasterer now in Australia thanks to Australia Made Simple

I’m a plasterer and now in Australia.  I’ve found working here so much better than back in Manchester.  I found work easily, and now plan on starting up working for myself.  There is a lot of work where I am in Sydney, the weather is great and I’ve met a great Aussie girl and couldn’t be happier.  I’ve referred my brother who is a plumber to Australia Made Simple as I’ve done so well here, he wants to move too. He has just passed his skills assessment and Alex from Australia Made Simple is doing the documentation now for him to apply.  My brother is bringing his wife and 3 kids out with him. A big change but much brighter and better life ahead for them all. I wish our parents moved to Australia when we were kids, what a great life.

Thanks Brian and it sounds like you are thriving out there.  I am confident Thomas will be out there with you soon and he and Sarah have kept me updated on some of the fun you have been up to while we have been working together on their application.  It’s easy to see how close you and your brother are and we will make sure you are living nearby again soon….in Sydney.

Jan 6, 2016
by Sarah Rich - Nurse, (Formerly 🙂 )Dublin now Perth on Australia Made Simple
Lots of extra advice and help about the details of moving and living in Australia - they provided much more help and support than I expected.

Australia made simple gave me all the information I needed, not only about leading me through the visa process itself, but then about how to enrol my son in school, the best way to go about finding nursing work and recommendations to the best agencies.  They also had all the information on opening an Australian bank account and transferring my drivers license. A really thorough all round support service. I could not be happier with the service or with life in Australia.

Thanks Sarah, yes all the extra info from our relocation support team really does make a difference, great to see it helped you have a smoother transition.  Thanks for taking the time to comment here, much appreciated.

Nov 18, 2015
by Samantha Wright - Secondary School Teacher, Clapham on Australia Made Simple
2nd application to move to Australia - glad I chose Australia Made Simple this time - success !

Was all super simple using Australia Made Simple.  I had previously applied a few years ago to move to Australia, I chose to do all the paperwork by myself and I gave up halfway through the process, it just became all too much.  I am so glad I chose to use Australia Made Simple this time, it was simple and I spent my time looking at places I might like to live in Australia instead of pouring over documents and procedures of the immigration process.  I am about to move and have already got interviews lined up for positions in 2 schools in the northern suburbs of Sydney, where I would love to live. Thanks Australia Made Simple - my new life is about to begin.

Thanks Samantha,  glad we got you the result you were after.  All the very best of luck with your move and your interviews for the new positions, let us know how you go.

Oct 16, 2015
by Simon Robson - Electrician, Cheltenham on Australia Made Simple
Soon to move to Australia with my fiance with a permanent residency visa

Australia Made Simple is the perfect name for everything we experienced with this company, our Australian visa application process has been so simple with Alex handling it all.  My fiance and I have just been granted our permanent residency visas for Australia. We have accepted and will be moving in 8 months. I’m an Electrician by trade and have now started applying for jobs in Melbourne, where my brother already lives.  I am pinching myself really, a dream come true to move to Australia.

Congratulations Simon.  I am sure Belinda and yourself will be very happy in Australia.  Was a complete pleasure working with you both.

Sep 10, 2015
by Bradley Williams - Nurse, Birmingham on Australia Made Simple
Loving Nursing in Australia

I found the service exceptional. Everything went smoothly from start to finish and we are now in Australia, the kids are in school and loving it and I found work within 2 weeks of arriving. I have loved working in nursing in Australia and look forward to the rest of our lives here in SUNNY Brisbane.

Thanks Bradley. An experienced nurse such as yourself is in high demand in Australia, as you have now experienced or yourself by walking into a job so quickly, well deserved. Glad to hear the kids have settled in so well and that the sun is shining in Brisbane. Thanks for taking the time to write to us. Keep us posted on your progress.

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